Random strings and vinyl record top corner

An independent record label licensing high resolution dowloads and streams of master recordings of original works and selected arrangements primarily in the rock and classical genres. Audiophile quality downloads are precisely curated from 24bit, 96k masters. Read about our release codes here.

We also license streams on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora and many other services.

New Music Releases


The Allure of the Esoteric

3 Gymnopedies for Guitar

The Ascent to Reason

Order high resolution recordings of original compositions and selected arrangements here.

High resolution recordings are large audio files which require, at a minimum, a verified stereo sound stage. Some recordings use advanced audio engineering techniques with coincident and spaced microphone pairs, Jecklin disc, mid-side conversion, binaural or ambisonic B-format.

How loud is loud enough?

Turn it up. That's enough. So you know. It's got soul. - Van Morrison

Visit the Random String Records channel for musical analysis and discussion of composition, recording guitar and advanced audio engineering techniques.

Order scores of original compositions and selected arrangements at Semiosis Music Publishing.